Sorry and thanks!

Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 27.06.21, 21:03:23

Thank you all so much for your continued support of The Arrangement series. I greatly appreciate it and your patience at the slow updates lately. I was in a slump and needed a bit of a mental break to reset. But I’ve updated now and break is over, back to business as usual with more frequent updates. Next chapter is out. I'm also including a sneak peek of the future below to thank you for putting up with me:) Thanks again. You all are great!



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Ritesh giri
28.06.2021, 21:08:54

Welcome Back
Wish for your better health.
I missed updates and missed you even more. I love your replies in comments, it helps me in understanding different point of views.

AnnaRCase guru
29.06.2021, 00:24:11

Ritesh giri, Thank you:) I'm glad to be back on track and I enjoy comments and replying to them. But I maybe a bit biased ha, because I love all my characters. Well all but Hugo and Courtney;)

28.06.2021, 05:00:09

I think when we put our heart and soul into a thing, it's easy to get drained because it's all consuming. This happened to me after I pushed myself to finish Houston in September. You have been pumping out many novels, so probably all the more difficult. Plus all the other things you deal with on a daily basis. Doesn't matter now though, you're back and at it again. Happy scribbling!

AnnaRCase guru
28.06.2021, 15:41:17

SESaunders, Thank you. This is the last book in the series. Its bittersweet.

Danita Springfield
28.06.2021, 01:40:32

The future looks good.

AnnaRCase guru
28.06.2021, 04:33:22

Danita Springfield, Yes it does indeed.

27.06.2021, 23:09:57

Thanks for the great update and pictures Anna! I hope you are feeling better! But where’s Grayson? ?

27.06.2021, 23:47:15

AnnaRCase, I had guessed that was Conner and Preston! I get it - not too many spoilers : )

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