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Author: AJ Ana / Posted: 05.12.21, 14:46:12


Description  : It is historical romance book. Tonny who was a mere person living in Quebec with his mother. He went fox mountain with his friend Sam to collect the woods so he able to buy food In 1774 it was illegal and they end up running for their lives. He got lost in forest alone with injury hand but there was something attract his attention and found out a pretty girl, Katie with her pet Zakasi. She was beautiful and lived in mountain. He lost his heart and fall in love with her as well as hers but Revolutionary War took their peace and he compelled to join military. Before Christmas he was gone for war promising his love he will come for her no matter what but Katie found out lots of people who went for war end up their lives
Will he kept his promise? Or his life will turn into due before blooming?

Give it a try and check it out . 

LINK : Snow read books online, download fb2 mobi epub on Booknet

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Odugbemi Rachael
05.12.2021, 22:44:40

Can't wait author

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