Mistress Series: Welcome To The Dark Side Of Love

Author: Valerie Sax / Posted: 06.12.21, 04:56:34





"Please, don't kill me. I will not tell anything about you or your people." Hazel begged with teary eyes towards the heartless alpha.
His signature smirk played on his face when he stood from his chair and walked towards this beating heart.
He grabbed her hair and pulled her towards his hard chest.
"You did a mistake by saving my life. I will return the favor by making you, my mistress."
"No, no...please, I am a human, and you are.." she wobbled.
His eyes turned black as the beast inside him growled at her.
"You are mine to fuck, mine to ruin, little doctor." He husked with a devilish smile.
An impossible story between a ruthless werewolf Alpha and an innocent human girl, she saved this monster.
Is he going to kill her for saving his life? Or she will live her life on his mercy? 



Hey Friends, 

I would recommend this series to you all. 

I have changed the book cover ( Share your thought with me. Did you like it?)

Requestiong you all who wanted to read an intense dark love story, Please give it a try.

I am sure you will enjoy it.




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Kirti Bharara
06.12.2021, 11:23:59


Shruti Deepak Pandey
06.12.2021, 05:01:18

Wow.... I love the new cover..... It's amazing :-)

Shruti Deepak Pandey
06.12.2021, 06:08:21

Valerie Sax, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Chuecos
06.12.2021, 05:14:59

I love it… thank you :)

Valerie Sax
06.12.2021, 05:43:07

Jessica Chuecos, Thank you so much… ❤️❤️❤️… please share with your friends…

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