M.I.M.E-Mark in My Eye

Author: Ironic Story / Posted: 06.12.21, 17:15:54

If your interested in life struggles of an A.I. who has to find out she was never human, and unravel every drama behind here escape. Then read my story M.I.M.E. or Mark in My Eyes.



Not human. That's what I am, I should've know I was too perfect to be human, since humans are flawed making them an imperfect perfect. Now that I know the truth about me I don't know if living is worth it now that I'm not human, no purpose. Sighing I look down at the waves crashing against the cliff, a howling wind whipping my black mane around, but I don't notice as I take a step closer the edge of the cliff.
"Qua!!" Max yelled behind me, he's out of breath, he looks distressed and...pained?, "Remember? I'm always here, maybe not forever, but for always"
I smile sadly at his words, looking over my shoulder at him I feel tears start to slip down my cheeks. Max...always Max, and for Max I can live.......


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