Insanitary of "His" Update!!!

Author: Ariana Rossi / Posted: 21.01.22, 19:15:27

heyaaaa mamas! I just wanted to let you guys know thattttt... I'm gonna update my book Insanitary of "HIS" tomorrow for sure ... I know I'm being soo cruel and a big lazy ass but! you know there is so much work for me pilling up and I also don't get to complain as I was the only one who published the books without thinking twice *giggles* my subconsciousness is mocking me soo bad! rn...

but do I regret it!?

hell nawwhhhh, as it gave me a chance to connect to you guys!

I love you people so freaking muchhhhh!!!!!

so stay tuned, my love! 

for the update of my books 

p.s - I'm gonna make my updating timetable really soon so it doesn't get clustered for me...

Till next time

love ya


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Ansara Khan
22.01.2022, 04:52:29

Yayyyy finally gonna get an update!! When you didn't update for a long time I assumed you were obviously busy with your other works and you actually were!! Good anyways we'll get an update!!!!

Ariana Rossi
22.01.2022, 09:06:21

Ansara Khan, Hahahah ty for understanding and sure! I'm gonna update!

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