I.A.T. - I Am Titanium

Author: Ironic Story / Posted: 24.02.22, 20:39:36

"Your safe now tote Blume," The man said with a German accent. He had white blond hair and sad blue eyes.
He rubbed the black hair of a teenaged girl sitting in front of the piano she had played a few minutes ago. She just stare blankly at the wall.
The man sighed and reloaded his hand pistol he had used to kill his target...plus some unfortunate witnesses. The only reason she wasn't dead was because she was one of the victims that he was assigned to get out.
"Come on tote Blume," He walked and the girl followed with dead eyes.

Tote Blume-Dead flower in German.



I have the whole story in my head....but I have the hard task of getting it on paper soooo that'll take looooong. But stay tuned I'll update when I feel passionate enough to put my thoughts in to words. :) :D


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