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Booknet Android app - Important information
Dear readers, As you have noticed, this month the Booknet application on Play Market was not available for download and now we want to explain why and what is the solution. Some authors have given the exclusive rights to their books to other platforms and decided to publish them for free here on Booknet. In this way, instead of solving the rights problem with the authors, the literary
Hello, The votes and comments on HCM are not encouraging for the next update. Move your fingers guys and vote and comment on the story.
Update His enemy´s daughter
Hey all! Chapter 5 is up! Enjoy!
Update Pregnant of the Don
Hey guys! Just uploaded an slightly mysterious chapter!....hope you guys gonna like it as much as i did writing it....LOL
Hello, my dear lovely readers, I would like to ask you all that after 'Innocent Heart' which story should I update regularly because I can give regular updates only on one story so, please vote for this which story should I continue after Innocent Heart which will have more votes, I will update the same story after Innocent Heart because Innocent heart is going to end very soon. 1 Lack of
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