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Dear Readers,


I apologise for making you all wait for my updates. I am going through treatments. I am having some serious condition in my life. I would not leave the books incomplete. I would update soon and finish them both at one go. 


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Matilda Grei
07.02.2023, 23:37:46

Take care!

Michelle Stark
07.02.2023, 17:57:49

Thank you, I hope you a speedy recovery. You are an amazing writer.

M Santos
07.02.2023, 04:22:12

Take care

ranjeeta gaonkar
07.02.2023, 03:53:04

Take care

Hanna Suzy
02.02.2023, 19:49:06

Take care author

Sangita Das
02.02.2023, 15:25:16

Get well soon...May u overcome all the hardships.

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