A Leap of Damn Faith

Author: Sanmae / Posted: 02.12.18, 15:32:17

Hi. As I am writing this, I'm also kinda having an anxiety attack. Because I haven't done anything like this in a long while. I mean, I haven't really written a blog before. But if you're reading this, then I hope you'd let me know. 

Writing has always been my passion. Yes, that line has probably been the most overused in the history of the lives of all writers. Including me. But it's true. I've been writing since I was a kid. I've written in walls, desks, bathrooms, probably anywhere with me having a pen in hand. And I've tried getting my stuff out there for the world to see. But when it got recognized, sort of, it paralyzed me. I was overwhelmed and scared about everything that entailed. The pressure and every ounce of fear got the best to me and up to this day, I haven't had the courage to get back on my feet. I have never stopped writing but I have stopped getting it out, posting it or letting someone know that I have new pieces written down. And now that I found this site, I can see that maybe here is a good place to start over. To start small and hopefully climb my way back to where I belong. 

I wish I could be given this chance.


P.S. Wherever or whoever you are, if you're still reading this, then you're beautiful and I hope you have a good day. If you aren't having one right now, remember it's just a bad day and not a bad life. :) 


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Eliarele 03.12.2018, 02:00:15


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Sanmae 03.12.2018, 10:17:08

Eliarele, Thank you! :)

Andrew Bradbury 03.12.2018, 08:07:03

Hi Sanmae and welcome
This seems like a good place to take your leap and I wish you luck with it.

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Sanmae 03.12.2018, 10:15:54

Andrew Bradbury, That's the sweetest, you just made my day. Thanks Andrew! :)

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