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Author: Babs / Posted: 12.12.18, 14:22:24


This is my rough sketch of a cover idea I have for The Emperor and the Demon, I am so pleased with the way it has turned out, even though the young lady bottom left gave me some trouble to get right as I'm not good at drawing teenage girls giggle, she's turned out OK. Bottom right are the gods known as the Dreamers. I am planning on doing a coloured version when I have completed the story. I am currently on 16,147 words so that's just another 223,858 words to go. I think I am now roughly in the middle of the story with the ending still a long way off, but saying that anything can change ^_^




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Natalia Abram 13.12.2018, 18:39:35

wow, love this design

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Babs 14.12.2018, 01:31:06

Natalia Abram, Thank you, hope to start the coloured version soon ^_^

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