"Writing" My savior

Author: Vee / Posted: 14.12.18, 09:32:46

I've always been curious whether writing could help people with their emotional problems. If it could be one of the therapy methods for depression and other problems. But it seemed possible when i myself went into depression in High school and the only way i could keep myself afloat was writing. I started writing when i was 9 years old. The first time I wrote a imaginative essay and got multiple praises for it. This really encouraged me and I became a aspiring writer. I had always had an imaginative mind and would always cook up all kinds of stories. When I was still a kid i usually just wrote Science Fiction or Supernatural. It was difficult for me to write anything romantic cause imagining it was too difficult. Once I became a teen though, Romance became my forte. I was a master in emotions, however because of deeply feeling mine and everybody else's emotions I was starting to become depressed and by the time I entered highschool I became clincally diagnosed as Chronic depression. I had this tendency of being able to create a scenario and then adjust it according to feelings to get maximum out of it. I was able to imagine myself in my characters place and feel things they might feel. It helped a lot in my writing. in high school i drifted from writing novels and started trying poetry. and i wrote a lot. Every free moment i had in high school i was writing. Not all were good. Some were okay, other were great and a lot of them were just rubbish. But writing made it possible for me to stay out of the deep dark waters. It didnt get better that easily though. Before i could even touch the surface of good, I sank and tried suiciding twice, failed quiet miserably actually. But during this same time I finished one of my novels and a collection of poems which i had written through out high school. When I entered University i was different. Four years into uni life, i have become a much more outgoing and happy person and i owe it to writing. It was there and it helped more than medication or counselling and it made me much more comfortable with myself, helped me control my anxiety and made me aware of my relationships which were suffering a lot cause of me. imagine if i had stopped writting anywhere through out my life. I would not have been here right now. literally wiriting has become a part of me, i dont just write i live every character and i have advanced a lot in my life and my writing. in two years I'll be a doctor, I'll be earning and I will most probably have a complete life, but i wont stop writing. Writing has saved my life. Im sure writing has saved a lot of people's lives. I have seen interviews of so many famous writers and writing saved theirs. Share with me if writing saved your life. Just wanted to share my story about how i became a writer, even if im still an amateur. Have a good night everyone and Keep smiling. :)


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Drew 14.12.2018, 12:16:39

oh, maybe I need to start writing too:)

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Vee 14.12.2018, 12:59:29

Drew, That's a great idea. You can just write for fun too. Would love to read it, cause whatever story you come up with its your unique story, nobody else can write the same story. :)

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