Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 22.01.19, 02:04:23

So, we're half way through DEVIL'S SOUL and I'm really excited for you to read the next three chapters, so I have an idea I think you're gonna like. I'll publish those three episodes next wednesday.

The first one will be at 5 pm like usual.

The next one will come out at seven pm.

And the third one will come out at ten pm.

I hope you like these episodes because I really worked hard to build up to this moment, and there's a lot of hidden clues towards the climax hidden in those episodes. So, to build up the hype a little more, I'll leave a little 'preview' of sorts...

"Since the fall of the actual princes of hell Vine ascended,

and the other one to ascend was her. And she's special, Deabru,

if you let her get hunted by our Master, then

you're as good as done for!"

(Chapter 14)

Good Luck!!!


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Sam Holte 24.01.2019, 20:47:54

waiting for it!

Corrine Couey 24.01.2019, 11:22:53

anticipation is killing me

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