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Author: ELM / Posted: 02.02.19, 11:05:25

I'm new to LitNet and I've never had a blog before so I'm not entirely sure what to write here. I hope it will be things that are interesting haha. I guess this one should be introducing myself? My name is Elm and I started writing on Wattpad. I decided to advance my reach by also joining LitNet and uploading my very first book True Luna, a story about werewolves. I hope one day to be traditionally published but I haven't any real idea how to edit my book even though I know it needs a lot. It needs so much that I don't know where to start so it had me paralyzed, it probably doesn't help that I moved onto the second book before editing because so many readers on Wattpad were requesting it.

I don't particularly like writing romance. It's included in the plot of True Luna due to necessity more than anything else so I have gone out of my way to make sure the relationship is as healthy as possible. Both characters have strength of their own and can rely on each other. However, I wrote this version of True Luna through a very tough part of my life when I fighting daily not to commit suicide. I used True Luna as a coping mechanism and even though I knew it benefits from me having experienced those things there's also the fear that I may trigger others despite the story focusing on the fact that MC survived and fought through what happened to her.

I tend to do that a lot, worry about what others reactions to my characters might be. I have another book in planning that centers on a ten year old girl with severe social anxiety (she grows up in the countryside with no real authority and feels exposed and vulnerable when she's in the middle of a crowd). I do not have this kind of anxiety and don't know what it's like to feel terrified of simply walking into a room or having someone talk to you but I can use my experiences of feeling overexposed in a crowd. Writing is a wonderful outlet for me that gave me something to hold onto when depression was telling me that I am useless because it could convince me that the people around me didn't really care for me but it couldn't tell me someone else could write my stories that so many others seemed to enjoy.

So yeah, I guess that's a bit of my story? I'll write more when I think there's something important to write about I guess haha.


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Mike Two 02.02.2019, 14:08:01

I love your story and hope you´ll publish more!

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ELM 02.02.2019, 14:09:13

Mike Two, Don't worry, I plan on it! Thank you for reading it so far!

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