Chapter 6 Coming Very Soon Warning For 18+ Only

Author: Chris Wilson / Posted: 29.03.19, 20:12:46

Before going on any far, you must be 18 or older to read this following blog...

Chapter 6 is on it way. I have been rewriting it and I am going to post a teaser on here from the chapter. Read at your only twisted risk. Now for the TEASTER:

Melissa did not say a word as she heard Kim saying to Jenna, “I want you to kick this Bitch in her stomach as I hold her for you.”


Jenna put both her bird fingers into Melissa’s face as she began to kick her hard in the stomach. Soon after, Kim let go of Melissa’s beautiful masochist body as Jenna continued kicking her mother as Kim watched with lustfulness. Within ten goddamn minutes, Melissa was coughing blood up as she heard Kim said to Jenna, “Enough.”


Jenna back away from her mother as she saw Kim knelt down next to Melissa and whispered, “Jenna will do fine in my organization of Hell, but you better get your goddamn ass up before you piss me off, Bitch. Now go and clean up, slave of mine.”


Melissa got up as fast as she could and got herself into the Master bedroom where she washed up. Kim grin at Jenna as she said, “Did your mother piss you off today, Sweetie?”


“No, Mistress Kim. I know your reputation for weakness and we both know that my mother is a submissive Bitch to you. I knew you would only allow punishment of my mother to a point, did I pass, Mistress Kim.”


Kim smirked as she said, “I am extremely impressed that you are willing to hurt your mother for my pleasure, so yes, you passed the first test of obedience, Bitch. Now take my 1911 pistol and take your place at my feet by killing your goddamn mother for me, right now, Bitch.”


Kim followed Jenna to the Master bathroom where Melissa was washing up and Jenna put the pistol against her mother’s head as she started to pull the trigger over and over until Kim order her to stop.


Kim grin as she said, “Damn, Jenna will make a powerful addition to my hellish family. When time comes that gun will be loaded with real bullets, slave.”


Melissa knelt before them as Jenna started to hand the gun back to Kim when she heard, “Keep that gun on you at all time unless you are fighting my kids. As for your mother, you may lock her up in the cage in my bedroom for now.”


Melissa crawled to the middle size dog cage where she was going to stay until needed.



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