A new and more powerful dominatrix is coming

Author: Chris Wilson / Posted: 02.04.19, 05:54:56

Hello there, I am Mistress Jennifer and Welcome to my mob of hell. As my Author has already told you, I am a Sadist Bitch and glad of it. I am here to introduce to you a female that is more hellish than me. Her name is Jackie and she is my wife. To be clearer... Hey, James will you please gag this bitch up, sorry about that, Like my wife said, "I am Mistress Jackie and the picture above does not do my wife any favorite, Hey, Author, Find a better one of my wife so all can see her beautiful sexy face. 

Me, the Author that is just taste of the characters in Chapter 8 and you will see Jackie dominating over Jennifer and James. Jackie is only nineteen but she is more powerful than anyone knows. along the side of Jennifer, a new and more powerful mob will rise up and rule over the world. instead of two mob family share the world, one will rule with power that is unknown. 

Chapter 8 is up and ready, New chapter will start on April 02, 2019. Last warning, from this point, forward it gets darker. You might think you know what the Title of this book means and you will be dead wrong. There is no turn back, now so WELCOME TO THE MOB OF HELL!!! For the first time, Females will rule over the world at full power, I truly feel sorry for James being a slave husband to two powerful Bitches.


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