From the Ashes

Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 18.05.19, 07:00:08

Oh, My Dear Lovely Readers, 

I asked for your help to get me 100+ followers and you replied in kind as I now have 126, making it possible for me to be the first American to be able to sell her stories on Litnet. I promised if you got me over this hurdle I would bring you new stories and I am keeping that promise by bringing you From the Ashes a historical romance story filled with love, mystery, intrigue and so many plot twists you will be both hating and loving me by the end of it. 

You have already been introduced to some of the characters in this story if you have previously read my Novella Love's Counterpart. 

I will be offering the first 14 chapters of the book for free and then the rest of the story will become available to purchase as On Going. I know you may be asking yourself but why buy when I have so many other stories to read for free? Great question and here is my answer to that. 

Litnet has a dream. To help writers like me and so many other authors have a safe platform to share their work with readers, and they believe to do this those stories need to be published in part with the ability to purchase. This platform has worked well in the other countries they have established themselves in but now it is America's turn to take the plunge. 

I want to be part of this story. I want to help Litnet achieve this dream as they have helped me achieve my dream of being a Literary Award Winning Author and now to have the possibility to earn some money for my work. Which not only benefits me but every author who is hoping to sell their work online. This is just the beginning but in order for this dream to happen, it needs your help and support. 

I am passionate about writing. I desperately want to keep the stories coming. Through the stories I have posted for free here on Litnet you know the kind of stories you can expect from me, the quality of work you will receive. From the Ashes will be worth the investment, I promise you that. 

You don't have to take my word on it. When I beta tested this story here is what others have said:

- This book is amazing, purely amazing. The storyline is thoroughly beautiful and how the book progressed, there isn't any to fault. It is beautifully depicted and the lead characters are very brave, strong headed and also the other characters (good or bad ones) are very thought out. The mystery keeps you on your toes and you can't put the book down until you finish it. It is a very intriguing book and you are truly an amazing writer. Thank you for writing this book and keep up the great work.
- I loved this story so much! It kept me guessing until the end (which, by the way, was incredibly sweet and happy and made me sigh dreamily). It was so gripping, I stayed up late to finish it, and though I payed for it the next morning, it was so worth it!
- The book is everything I could ask for in a classic historical-romance novel(it's the total package, from start to finish). I couldn't stop reading...stayed up till 2am to finish the book. Well done, looking forward to reading more of your lovely books.

So please, come by my profile and read From the Ashes and if I have entertained you enough to continue and you do purchase the On Going book I promise you won't be disappointed. And as you help Litnet and me realize this dream together, I promise to keep bringing you great stories, with fun characters, and storyline that will remind you why you love to read books, because you, after all, are the reason I'm writing my stories in the first place. 

Much Love, 




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Just realized I wasn't following you. Awkward! I rectified the situation

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Jessica Wright, LOL! That fine. I know you love me deep down.

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