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100 Lof ( lessons of life)

Alecia johnson

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At the end of each grotesque or maybe joyous day, we all have some lesson/s that we learn. It is of vitality that we hold on to these lessons as we will need them for future use. You would be surprised as to how much they will benefit and uplift you. You my friend will feel internal growth!. We are all faced with trials on a day to day basis, and none of us are perfect. Its not a coincidence that you came across this book. And even if it is, there's something here for you to learn .. there's something here for all of us to learn:-)?❤️

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Calecia Johnson 05.04.2021, 08:10:40

Very important lessons you pointed out. People need to be reminded of these like everyday!

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Alecia johnson 07.04.2021, 00:16:41

Calecia Johnson, yes indeed!

Calecia Johnson 05.04.2021, 08:31:58

Lesson #93!. It's something that persons need to put into practice more.

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Alecia johnson 07.04.2021, 00:15:15

Calecia Johnson, indeed!

Calecia Johnson 05.04.2021, 08:21:37

Yes !

Calecia Johnson 05.04.2021, 08:16:43

I needed this!

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