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A Bride For Hire

Shyy J Farnsworth

Story about:
drugs, contract marriage, love


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Ongoing: 01 Jun 94 pages

Publication: 02.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "A Bride For Hire"

"You belong to me, do you understand?" He said wrapping his hand around my neck, I nodded.

"Good girl."
Money and diamonds aren't everything, but 22 year old Tanya might tell you otherwise. She loves money and is willing to do just about anything to get a hold of it. Even if that means handing herself over to one of the most powerful and scariest people she has ever met.

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Vidhyottama Dubey 01.06.2020, 13:11:11

Though the book has a good story base but it's kind of rush
I kept losing my interest in between , it was kind of boring and irritating to catch up with two couples

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Shyy J Farnsworth 01.06.2020, 23:01:18

do you think I should try and give Tabitha her own story?

Ewoma Inonoje 11.05.2020, 16:41:02

there is no update yet

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Ewoma Inonoje 25.05.2020, 11:53:56

not yet posted

Lobe Pauline Ollo 30.04.2020, 12:19:04

u said every Monday u gonna give updates but none so far

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Shyy J Farnsworth 25.05.2020, 08:45:54

Lobe Pauline Ollo, Just so you know I did update, but the site wouldnt let me set it for 8am for some odd reason, so i set it to post at 9am

Beata Gos 12.05.2020, 09:26:17

Although the update is short but worth enjoying, thank you!!!?

Ewoma Inonoje 05.05.2020, 22:15:54

pls what is going on you said you will update on the 4th but none until now

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Shyy J Farnsworth 06.05.2020, 18:52:09

I took another week off do to stress. I had to get my ideas in order. I'm updating on Monday

Ewoma Inonoje 04.05.2020, 21:30:06

pls update

Lobe Pauline Ollo 18.04.2020, 22:24:09

y do u take so long to give updates

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Shyy J Farnsworth 20.04.2020, 18:25:44

Lobe Pauline Ollo, recheck, it posted 25 minutes ago.

Lobe Pauline Ollo 17.04.2020, 11:40:42

wats happening

Lobe Pauline Ollo 17.04.2020, 11:40:15

Comment has been deleted

Odun Ayo Godon 16.04.2020, 15:42:41

when are u posting the new chapters

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Shyy J Farnsworth 17.04.2020, 03:17:46

New Chapters every Monday

Titi 14.04.2020, 20:55:53

emotions running haywire....

Lobe Pauline Ollo 13.04.2020, 12:47:43

wow we have been waiting on ur update yet nothing

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Shyy J Farnsworth 13.04.2020, 21:33:12

it was updated this morning

Lobe Pauline Ollo 11.04.2020, 15:28:30

ohh my it's so interesting yet it looks like u still updating caz I can't wait to see the next chapter

Raven mockinja 07.04.2020, 20:20:56

This book is awesome

Lourdes Lynn 07.04.2020, 20:09:34

I love this book just hope you can update more than 1 chapter.

Agnes Adumensah 07.04.2020, 15:20:20

Interesting ??

Shaibu Bolanle 06.04.2020, 15:46:37

Update now

Odun Ayo Godon 03.04.2020, 00:48:30

when are u posting the remaining chapters

Shaibu Bolanle 31.03.2020, 11:44:52

Pls update soon

Shaibu Bolanle 31.03.2020, 11:41:22

Pls update soon

Bhaswati Devi 18.03.2020, 17:33:56

I start reading it today and I must say I'm liking it this far..
so when are you updating next? is there a fixed time interval/days for you updating the next chapter?

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Shyy J Farnsworth 18.03.2020, 21:47:20

Bhaswati Devi, Yes, every Monday I schedule them to post at 8am :).

Arigato XO

kehinde olayinka 18.03.2020, 01:36:07

Its so lovely from the start

Luse Chintu 12.03.2020, 10:53:15

Eagerly waiting for an update ????

Luse Chintu 12.03.2020, 10:53:12

Eagerly waiting for an update ????

Vits Ortega 09.03.2020, 08:47:21

Though lm a senior at age 65,l enjoy reading your novel even if most young ones

Michael 09.03.2020, 03:08:33

I love this!

Vits Ortega 07.03.2020, 07:15:44

Well the title itself makes me wonder that nowaday bride is also for rent.

Shila Barai 02.03.2020, 05:58:29

Update plzz

Odun Ayo Godon 26.02.2020, 22:11:16

when are you posting the remaining chapters plss

Agnes Adumensah 25.02.2020, 13:33:46

Incredible start

Makinde Rashidat 23.02.2020, 08:28:00


Tess Macabuhay 21.02.2020, 07:21:45


Tess Macabuhay 21.02.2020, 07:18:14


Tess Macabuhay 21.02.2020, 07:17:44


Kaue Tekaie 18.02.2020, 10:24:48

getting interesting

Odun Ayo Godon 17.02.2020, 20:39:47

when are you posting the remaining chapters????

Odun Ayo Godon 17.02.2020, 20:36:44

very interesting when are you posting the remaining chapters???

Jo Mar 17.02.2020, 18:12:29

More update please.. Thanks❤️

Tess Macabuhay 12.02.2020, 08:52:13


Good girl 11.02.2020, 12:17:33


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Shyy J Farnsworth 11.02.2020, 20:05:09

good wow or bad wow?

Tess Macabuhay 29.01.2020, 14:37:56


daisy ahmed 29.01.2020, 00:47:43

please update

sadaf 27.01.2020, 06:16:18

Please update !

daisy ahmed 26.01.2020, 00:58:05

please update

Steve Lionel Ngomeni 23.01.2020, 12:05:06

please update

Gratianna Ntibi 15.01.2020, 14:24:15

It is going to be an extremely awesome experience, reading this book, can't wait, I'm glad i chose this

Ghing Cacho 12.01.2020, 15:34:38

chapter 1 only?

Ghing Cacho 12.01.2020, 15:33:22

well, its just a beginning of d story.

Ta Jaynos 12.01.2020, 01:18:56

nice story

Angelica Estomaguio Malinao 09.01.2020, 22:52:42

Is this for free reading or does this have a chapter which needs to be paid?

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Shyy J Farnsworth 10.01.2020, 00:58:20

Angelica Estomaguio Malinao, Its free, im working on the next chapter now, expect more on Monday :)

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