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On Hold: 31 Aug 2 pages

Publication: 31.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "A Game of Hate"

"Hatred destroys one" ; he remarked.
"What good does love do?" ; I asked.

What happens when someone goes too far to fulfill her desires?
What happens when someone's hatred exceeds and breaks all its limits?
What happens when someone chooses killing over forgiving?
What happens when one has to choose between the revenge on her most hated person or the love of her life?
This is the story of a young girl of age 23, Elly Wilson who wakes up in a hospital bed with nobody on her side..,all alone.
How'd she get there? What happened to her? And the most important thing, what will happen when she'll meet the love of her life, Perth Stevenson who carries a dark secret..., as dark as her. Will her love bloom or wither? Will she get a company or was she born to be alone?
Its afterall just a secret..


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