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Publication: 10.02.2021 — ...
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Kamil, a vampire heiress, ran away from home and joined a nightclub as a stripper.
To quench her thirst, she lured men into letting her have a taste of their blood.

But one CEO rejects her advances.
Humiliated, she sets out for a new goal: seduce him into submission.

Once she has him in the palm of her hand, will things go back to the way they were before? Or will the past come back to haunt her? And what are the chances that they'd fall in love?

Read to find out!

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Elizabeth A 13.02.2021, 19:03:32

I love your book cover!

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CailinMatthews 13.02.2021, 19:21:04

Elizabeth A, Thank you, dear!

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