Book. "Amia's Dream : Into the the Struggle " read online

Amia's Dream : Into the the Struggle

Fahmida Rahman

Series: Amia's Dreams

Story about:strong female, unconditional love, struggle of life

41 1847

#1963 in Billionaires
#789 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 24 Dec 17 pages

Publication: 03.11.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Amia's Dream : Into the the Struggle "

With her father's death, Amia Arnold lost everything she had. She struggles to find food & shelter. But a strong-willed girl like her, never gives up. Jamie, a Billionaire businessman's only son, eventually falls in love with her. Will his love help Amia cherish her father's dream or will it come in the way of her success?


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Аврора Дэйнеко
14.01.2022, 23:12:18

The beginning of the book is interesting. I wish you inspiration!!!

Fahmida Rahman
24.12.2021, 15:09:51

The story is now available for free in Fictum online reading platform. The story will be updated daily from January 1st, 2021
Follow the following link to read rest of the story
Amia's Dream : Into the Struggle by IlaFahmida97

Fahmida Rahman
31.01.2021, 08:45:41

Sorry guys for the inconvenience caused due to the slight disorder in the orders of the chapters. Due to the mistake in scheduling the time of publication Chapter 7 went up before chapter 6.

Nusrat Sultana
16.11.2020, 15:22:06

Waiting eagerly for the next chapter!

Fahmida Rahman
16.11.2020, 18:58:42

Nusrat Sultana, Thanks! Next update is coming soon!

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