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Book. "Angel Anita" read online
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#46 in Paranormal
#145 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 03 Jun 7 pages

Publication: 03.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Angel Anita"

That was the queen again. I had never cried before, never sobbed or had an outflow of tears. Guess that's what seperated me from all the girls in the valley. So on that day, I shed my tears and discovered something new. When they went down, they were not colourless, they were red, as blood.
The whole palace dispersed and left me all alone, they stood against the walls of the living room, some reversed up the stairs and the queen fainted. I wiped them with my dress, it was hard to notice because my dress was red too. I was shocked, only Adi stood next to the Alter , I walked over to him, he looked terrified though he tried to compose himself. At last he asked me a question
"Maya who are you?".
Who was I, I was a former Kumari Goddess, what was wrong with that.


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