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Book. "Blood Moon" read online

Blood Moon

Ana Higgins

Story about:bound by the moon, forced to submit, alphas human mate

Age restriction: 18+

23 186

#155 in Paranormal Romance
#38 in Erotic Supernatural

On Hold: 02 Jul 24 pages

Publication: 06.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Blood Moon"

Being raised in an orphanage, Lily has never known love in her life. She has only known the four walls of the orphanage. All she dreams about is her freedom.

Xavier is the fiercest alpha in the world and is looking for his mate even at the age of 35. But will he love and accept his mate if she turns out to be a human?

Will 21 year old Lily be able to fit into the world of werewolves? Will Alpha Xavier accept Lily as his mate? More importantly will Lily accept Xavier’s love? Will the Moon Goddess bless them or will they drift apart?


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Neema Martin
28.06.2022, 22:16:23

Its a good story looking forward for more updates

Ana Higgins
29.06.2022, 08:24:06

Neema Martin, Updates are on their way. Stay tuned. :)

Neema Martin
28.06.2022, 22:16:48

Am excited to know what will happen

18.06.2022, 21:54:28

why Miranda cursed her... bad people's curses mean nothing.. I don't believe Miranda.. good people always find their happiness

Ana Higgins
18.06.2022, 21:56:23

Satyadev, Thankyou so much for standing by Lily's side. Let's see if she can ultimately find her happily ever after.

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