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Publication: 18.02.2021 — 19.02.2021

Description of book "Divina & the Syphoner's Mark"

17-year-old Divina LeBeau lives a tragically dorky life under a cloud of cursed luck - according to her grandmother. And while she doesn't believe in curses, she starting to believe there might be some truth to her grandmother's old tales about their family. But in a serious - and oddly convenient - twist of fate, Divina and her family find themselves moving into the mansion of an extremely well-off estranged aunt with her two devilishly handsome stepsons and for the first time in her life, things are looking up for Divina. That is, until the real beast behind the family "curse" rears its ugly head. What fresh hell awaits Divina when she's faced with immeasurable evil that wants nothing more than to devour her soul?

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04.09.2021, 10:55:32

I don't get why people don't read this book I swear it's one of my favorite paranormal novel

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