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Dragon's Warmth

Istoria Xander

Story about:lgbt love, fantasy and paranormal romance, dragon in love with human

Age restriction: 18+

60 855

#149 in LGBT
#502 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 120 pages

Publication: 05.02.2021 — 03.05.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "Dragon's Warmth"

Five years ago Aevon refused to kill his opponent in what was meant to be a fight to the death. This decision cost him dearly as he is now an abused slave, forced to participate in an evil role-playing game he's very bad at playing. He has nowhere to run - he is one of the last surviving humans who live high above the clouds in a massive magical airship. The earth below is a toxic, deadly wasteland and the boy whose life Aevon once saved has turned out to be a dragon, seemingly loyal to the cruel warlock who rules over everyone's lives. There is little room for love in this world but when man and dragon meet again, a dangerous romance begins which may decide not only their futures but the fate of the entire ship.


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07.07.2021, 22:12:56

you got me form the start hoe for a sequel, I want to see them with there friends happy

Istoria Xander
14.07.2021, 19:20:03

Angel, Awww, thank you so much. There is a planned sequel although I can't guarantee when it will be out, I am currently busy with other writing projects for proper traditional publishing. But if there's at least a couple of people who want to read a continuation of this story, I will likely get around to it. :) Thanks again for reading and commenting.

07.07.2021, 22:13:10


07.07.2021, 22:12:02

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