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new adult, bad boy, college romance


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#12 in New Adult & College
#24 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 353 pages

Publication: 11.02.2019 — 12.02.2019
Contests: Campus Romance

Description of book "English Accent"

What Abi Hindley hoped for coming from England to study in the US: a new, composed life in an unknown place with freshly met, new people.

What Abi Hindley didn't hope for coming from England to study in the US: driving straight into the tail of some jerk's car and getting herself into a deal she doesn't want to be a part of.

What a shame life never comes out the way it is supposed to.

One moment of distraction caused Abi's life to make 180 degrees flip and to momentarily stop being nearly as composed as she wished it to. She fought sickness and tried fighting fate which seemed to like turning its odds against her. What she hasn't tried to fight yet was her heart - and she's just about to learn just how much harder this duel is going to be.

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Thëê Qúéën 16.07.2020, 22:42:33

Nice book thoughi kinda got lost at the ending

Casnice Investment 21.06.2020, 01:41:24

seriously what's with the early ending, I was really loving the book

Wahu Memia 08.06.2020, 12:15:22

I really want them to get along now

Charmaine Louise Coetzee 02.06.2020, 13:12:57

shit ending like really?

Olayisade Oluwaseun 12.05.2020, 20:00:24

Nice read but erm there should have a been a warning that there's so much cussing in this book though.

sadaf 27.01.2020, 04:11:46

Really amazing and appreciable read!!!
Pleasure to eyes !! The more you read the more you get clipped too...

Shawn TheBull 24.01.2020, 00:33:53

excellent read

Shawn TheBull 18.01.2020, 19:37:20

LMFAO @Jesusatthedoor

Shawn TheBull 18.01.2020, 19:37:20


Shawn TheBull 18.01.2020, 19:37:20 what is he on about????!!

Shawn TheBull 18.01.2020, 19:37:20

the title makes me think of a Dee-Lite song yo

Shawn TheBull 18.01.2020, 19:37:20

I fricken love this book... "he can look at my ass now" bahaha

Shawn TheBull 18.01.2020, 19:37:20

lmfao@whereareflyingpigswhanyouneedthem..... my face hurts....

Shawn TheBull 18.01.2020, 19:37:20

hell yeah I love list write it down don't have to think about it till you look at it

Lily Grahm 13.01.2020, 13:38:12

wow, love this story

Cooper Quilantang Bebie 27.12.2019, 14:07:06

Wow.. It is nice stories

Jada Sweeting 06.11.2019, 23:41:27

Beautiful story will there be a part 2?

Na Wel 20.08.2019, 01:31:42

wow , just wow really good story . Pleaaaase do English accent 2 :D

ZARA 10.07.2019, 12:58:29

Beautiful story.. :')

Gift Ndhlovu 22.05.2019, 22:15:41

it's a very lovely story....I won't lie I cried at some point *embarrassing* please go ahead with the wonderful writing.

Tobiloba Akinyoyenu 18.05.2019, 15:38:25

Good book

Gaolatlhe Doreen Ketshabile 14.05.2019, 12:03:40

i loved this

M.O.O.N 22.04.2019, 09:16:14


Maria 15.04.2019, 18:06:24

I love this story

Filipa Sergio 14.04.2019, 05:21:16

Want to read but it won't open. What's wrong?

bin-teh-mahfooz 12.04.2019, 06:24:34

wow... for your story and can you please write a second book on Max he really is an interesting character

Lucija Pasarić 18.03.2019, 19:53:00


universe 01.03.2019, 03:51:24

pretty please do some more...... :o

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 09.03.2019, 22:29:14

universe, I'll see what I can do ;)

Lusani Mudau Siruba 04.03.2019, 08:44:32

ur such an amazing writer, i love your book♡♡♡

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 09.03.2019, 22:28:54

Lusani Mudau Siruba, Thank you so much

Doreen Muchirahondo-Chikozho 08.03.2019, 15:25:35

truly loved yhis book.
Thank you fr sharing your gift ....

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 09.03.2019, 22:28:39

Doreen Muchirahondo-Chikozho, And thank you for the kind words!

kannamaa 27.02.2019, 09:29:05

this story is freaking good. I love love love it. i wish there's more

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 27.02.2019, 17:59:56

kannamaa, I'm so happy

Taapsee 21.02.2019, 07:10:15

I want more of their story please!!!!!

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The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 26.02.2019, 20:18:56

RS, Maybe someday... It didn't have many readers so I kind of lost my motivation :c

Love 25.02.2019, 19:32:36

I so love this story.....

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 26.02.2019, 20:18:21

Love, I'm so glad!

Teresa Cypret 17.02.2019, 01:19:36

Well I have to say this was a pretty amazing book, the only issues I really have with it is...well first of all, the title of the book has nothing to do with the story other then the fact that the main girl has an English accent, personally I just don't think it really goes with the story.
I think Sweetie or Worth it would most likely make better since for the story...
Sweetie because well Dominic has call Abi that from the beginning to the end of the book, she's His Sweetie♥️
Worth it would also be a good candidate for the title because after ever thing they've been through with her eating issues, his anger/fighting thing+ everything that happened with his dad and mother, and also what happened between them it was all Worth It you know? but that's just my thinking...

Also the book might need a little bit of editing, its written amazingly but there are some parts that didn't really make since and there is some bad spelling and grammar but its not that bad, just enough that you notice it a bit when your reading but besides that I love this book. Its sooo cute, it has an amazing story line and I love all of the characters, you wrote the characters personalities just so perfectly!♡

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Teresa Cypret 17.02.2019, 21:10:05

velucieraptor, No problem, this story is amazing!♥️

Mike Two 16.02.2019, 12:28:42

they are only children:)

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The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 16.02.2019, 22:40:07

Mike Two, That was my point :) I wanted to make this a story about first love that's still on the childish side

Sam Holte 15.02.2019, 15:37:19

I think it is love from the first sight

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 16.02.2019, 11:11:28

Sam Holte, Abi and Dom would never admit it but is definitely is ;)

Kerry Ward 14.02.2019, 19:27:59

I´ve really enjoyed it

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 14.02.2019, 19:46:56

Kerry Ward, I'm so glad!

Cathy Evans 12.02.2019, 19:07:13

oh my God, so sweet

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 14.02.2019, 17:30:27

Cathy Evans, I'm glad you enjoyed it ;)

Samantha Ainsley 13.02.2019, 19:33:34

very cute story

The last comment in the thread:

velucieraptor 14.02.2019, 17:28:20

Samantha Ainsley, Thank you!

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