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Book. "Failed Intellect, Successful Criminality, Doomed Humanity" read online

Failed Intellect, Successful Criminality, Doomed Humanity


Story about:potential optimization, social pathologies, intellect

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#115 in Non-fiction

Complete 59 pages

Publication: 12.08.2022 — 12.08.2022

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Description of book "Failed Intellect, Successful Criminality, Doomed Humanity"

Your personal wellness and success cannot remain unaffected by the insanity and depravity of society-culture-polity. As you discover the pathology of the pandemic of milieus; you shall embark upon rightful remedies for fitness of your individuality. This eBook journeys you through landscapes of madness to drive you home to best life-living choices, for optimal vitality, poise and prosperity.
There is a science of depravity and criminality. There are complexities, causalities and cyclicality. The consciousness, milieus, perceptions and intentionality are all connected and interacting realities. Once you understand what works why and how; you have the empowered artistry to design your own wellness and successes. In ruins of failed humanity, you shall stumble upon personal success codes.


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