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Forbidden Princess

Pooja Roy Bagchi

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revenge, lovehate, romantic drama


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#6 in Inspiration romance
#4 in Historical Romance

Ongoing: 02 Aug 25 pages

Publication: 23.07.2020 — ...

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2nd Inspiration Romance out of 125 stories..
2nd in Historical Romance out of 68 stories..
3rd in Lovehate out of 17 stories..
5th in Revenge out of 36 stories..

A King , who wants revenge from his enemy. However he get hold on his enemies daughter ...he captives her ....force her to be a slave ...torment her.

But later he will he have some feelings for her?? ..... will he ever tell her or let her know he loves her?? .....will she ever love him back ??....what will be their fate in the end??

Lets find out .......

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Pooja Roy Bagchi 23.07.2020, 19:19:27

amazing start

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