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Description of book "Her Smile Worth Billions [book 2]"

Story of a broken poor girl, wanting to end herself yet gives a broken rich boy a reason to live.

Behind a mask of a cheerful girl, lives a desolate girl with her haunting past, fooling everyone with her fake smile yet there’s a boy who can't be fooled. A boy she loves yet fears the most concerning the secrets of her past, a rich boy hiding his real identity, who has everything but a reason to live, the only one who noticed her sorrows.

Can she hide her past from him forever? Can he hide his identity from her as there’s someone trying to reveal them at the very wrong time?

Can a girl living in abyss herself, bring a heartbroken boy back to life?

However, A smile that forms after overcoming a billion adversities, is worth a billion and...

Her smile worth billions.


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Thelma Lofranco
30.07.2021, 00:39:43

your story is inspiring.....except for a minimal error in grammar i appreciate the way you write please continue writing stories like this.....thank you very much

Maryam Burhan
27.07.2021, 06:05:31

when is the next update ??

Angelic Emman
29.07.2021, 20:33:07

Maryam Burhan, Thanks a lot for understanding

Passionate Writer
28.07.2021, 13:23:52

When will you update???

Angelic Emman
29.07.2021, 16:39:01

Passionate Writer, Chapter 10 is out now! Sincere apologies for the late update.

Maryam Burhan
18.07.2021, 10:39:03

please update dear!!!

Angelic Emman
18.07.2021, 23:11:25

Maryam Burhan, ay ay captain!

Maryam Burhan
10.07.2021, 17:41:17

hey author when will be the next update??

Angelic Emman
14.07.2021, 10:15:26

Maryam Burhan, You're always welcome ^^

Shruti Mishra
13.07.2021, 11:59:54

this is an extremely sweet and impressive and shud i say soft storyline, aftr reading all exaggerated Stuff, its nice reading sm thoughtful and such beautiful things and a guy with such emotion and evrything, its truly unique in its own sense, so far so beautiful

Angelic Emman
14.07.2021, 10:15:08

Shruti Mishra, Hello dear, Thank you very much for your appreciation. I'm truly happy to know you're enjoying reading the story. I'll make sure to write more interesting chapters for you

07.07.2021, 07:22:29

Book is Greattt.....But feeling extremely sad for Ash. He had to go through such hard times at small age. It would be really hard time for him. But I know this phobia of his will soon vanish when he is with Emaya....Emaya will take care of him.
And book is really amazing. Your hard
work is just superbbb...You made me cry. It's amazing...
Lots of love❤ and support❤❤....To you and also Ash and Emaya?

12.07.2021, 04:33:27

Angelic Emman, Thank you❤❤❤❤❤

Maryam Burhan
07.07.2021, 07:44:26

ah poor ash had to suffer a lot at such a young age!!

Angelic Emman
11.07.2021, 21:21:13

Maryam Burhan, yes :(

Silly Fellow
07.07.2021, 06:46:09

superrb chapter author!
poor ash. he suffered a lot:(

Angelic Emman
11.07.2021, 21:20:48

Silly Fellow, Thanks! glad you like this chapter

Crazy Devil
06.07.2021, 15:17:27


Angelic Emman
06.07.2021, 12:17:50

Crazy Devil, hello dear!

02.07.2021, 10:59:23

Eagerly waitinggg for the next update.....
Superbbbb chapter and girll your imagination is beyond amazing and perfect. I love it.
Lots of Love and Support❤❤❤

02.07.2021, 13:25:06

Angelic Emman, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Maryam Burhan
29.06.2021, 18:33:19

hey author!!
when is the next update???

Maryam Burhan
30.06.2021, 15:21:31

Angelic Emman, You're most welcome

Madhumitha Saravanan
25.06.2021, 20:25:11

hurray! both chapters are just too perfect dear

Angelic Emman
25.06.2021, 18:55:48

Madhumitha Saravanan, Glad to know! Thanks dear

Dream of books
23.06.2021, 06:28:04

dear is this book is free up to completion or not dear

Angelic Emman
23.06.2021, 17:30:46

Dream of books, You're most welcome ^^

Maryam Burhan
23.06.2021, 11:37:06

omg yay book 2 is here!!

Maryam Burhan
23.06.2021, 14:46:08

Angelic Emman, :)

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