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Book. "His Bride" read online

His Bride

Monika Singh

Series: Hatred Series

Story about:romance, young adult, hate to love

Age restriction: 18+

1736 117570

#636 in Romance
#155 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 244 pages

Publication: 06.03.2021 — 20.06.2021

Description of book "His Bride"

I didn't believe in love.

Until I met Rosalyn Capone.

I fell for this woman. 

I was ready to sacrifice everything for her, and I did.

But she betrayed me!

She ran away with her lover on our wedding day and made a fool of me in front of the whole world.

Now, I want only one thing.

Her life!

If she can't be mine, then I'll make damn sure she can't be anyone else!


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Sruthi Onyx
19.01.2023, 05:32:52

wanted to read this since husband..finally got time it

Monika Singh
19.01.2023, 10:43:49

Sruthi Onyx, Thanks:)

Jhansi Pille
21.10.2022, 22:30:34

Finally after waiting long I purchased this book and completed peacefully...

Sunana Ahmad
06.07.2022, 01:34:02

this is very sick game they play...but amusing one...

Patsy Cloud
29.03.2022, 05:59:38

So far this is my favorite book of the series.

Marni Sahron
18.10.2021, 02:28:04

Thanks for the amazing story..First I cant move on Ava and Dave story but now Travis and Rosa are the next in line...I wish u write story about Shannon with Daniel and Rowan with Samantha..They got chemistry there..

Monika Singh
18.10.2021, 05:49:56

Marni Sahron, Thank you so much, love. Your comment made me happy.

Josie joe
21.10.2021, 00:05:59

Amazing storyline and good plot. love it.

Josie joe
18.09.2021, 12:24:30

thank you author for the book discount. purchased done.

Poonam Lunker
21.08.2021, 07:53:47

awwwwww....beautiful story yet again...I wonder if we get Ian's story as well

Monika Singh
21.08.2021, 08:27:33

Poonam Lunker, Hey, thank you so much. You can follow Sarah's story Hunter❤ I'll think about Ian's story.

17.08.2021, 13:33:35

only one concern with this story is...there were never love moemnets between both of them ...still it's my favourite

Chanderika Sharma
05.08.2021, 10:29:47

According to me Rosa and Travis are the bestest couple in the whole series .I said because I read some comments regarding this.

Arundhati Sengupta
28.07.2021, 07:32:23

This book is good no doubt, but for me Husband was the best. Nothing could beat Ava and Dave's story. They just r the best. Maybe am biased?

31.07.2021, 11:58:21

Comment has been deleted

31.07.2021, 12:01:27

dear author, I was just curious which couple do you like the most among your hatred series. I know it's stupid of me to ask that since you might like all of them equally being the one to have written them. I love Dave and ava:)

Ioana Botea
09.07.2021, 22:31:47

Awesome Monik like Monster very precise and short without misunderstanding!!!

Monika Singh
28.07.2021, 10:14:42

Ioana Botea, Thank you ❤❤

Hannah Heath
24.06.2021, 23:47:27

I really, really enjoy reading your story! I would've loved to read more of this feels like there's more to their story. Thank're a amazing writer.

Monika Singh
26.06.2021, 13:18:40

Hannah Heath, Thank you so much

26.06.2021, 12:11:29

author waiting for ur new story

Monika Singh
26.06.2021, 13:18:03

shah, Most probably, I'll start in July.

26.06.2021, 09:23:16

bruh, I hope she doesn't end up with him.

Reshma Jariwalla
22.06.2021, 08:31:48

I can’t believe just to read the last chapter I now have to buy the book. Shame you lost one reader

Chanderika Sharma
25.06.2021, 20:43:35

Pen girl, Who ?

24.06.2021, 11:47:26

Author among all ur stories Travis is my favourite character..actually I love him yaar so much......

Monika Singh
24.06.2021, 13:17:50

shah, My favorite (wink)

21.06.2021, 19:03:10

it's too expensive, can you reduce the price

Monika Singh
22.06.2021, 14:47:23

BUKOLA AMUJO, You can wait for the discount, dear...

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
21.06.2021, 01:06:27

I really really love this story I’m sad it ended but I’m so glad they got there HEA will there be anymore stories about these people Rowan and Samantha or Dave and Ava or any of them Tim Tessa

Shruti Gupta Agarwal
21.06.2021, 15:19:57

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, It doesn't matter. You can read them in any order. They are all standalone...

Chanderika Sharma
21.06.2021, 13:03:49

This book is ruling my MIND !!!!! I have read it twice since you said that you will put it on sale . I am in love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️with it . Travis and Rosa and their Baby , they are so charming and adorable .
Travis is such a sweet guy , I have no words to describe how much I am mesmerized by him ...
Thank youuu for such a heart- touching masterpiece (✷‿✷).

Kirti Bharara
21.06.2021, 12:17:41

finally they are together...i'm feeling a little sad as it's such a beautful book but i was waiting for the day when they both will get together and finally that day has come. i think there should be a 2nd part of this book showing the future where stelle is an adult...but its upto you because i'm so in love with these two characters.....

Karen BayRu
21.06.2021, 10:38:48

thank you for such a nice story.. gonna miss travis and rosa

Chanderika Sharma
21.06.2021, 06:02:51

There must be a movie based on this book , so that I could watch it again and again ಠ﹏ಠಠ﹏ಠ..

Lakhan Sav
20.06.2021, 22:15:34

thnk u thnk u thnk u so much.. for keeping this book free and for announcement that u r going to keep this book paid after 24 hrs ... that's why today I read it in hurry .... and I totally love it ...u r really such h amazing writer author.. very very much thnk u for this book ... i'll be waiting for ur next book... i wish it would be free.... beautiful story... and congrats for completing it... god bless u... ヾ(^-^)ノᕦ( ᐛ )ᕡ

Angel Akakpo
20.06.2021, 20:27:56

Powerful story

Dr-Hana Khalid
20.06.2021, 19:02:40

Nice story was worth reading

20.06.2021, 18:39:32

what ava did to dave and what tim didd u nver mentioned

20.06.2021, 16:56:02

wowwwwww...that's only i've left to say...!

20.06.2021, 16:53:42

I really enjoyed a lot this story.........there was few time I was eager like child to read the next update and mine time didn't waste to read this beautiful story........ loved your work keep going and write more amazing stories ?

Tammy Heccker
20.06.2021, 16:08:23

awesome book. i really loved reading it. thanks

D Sapphire
20.06.2021, 16:05:58

it was really a nice book my dear and I give 4 stars to suspence dear l liked very much and you know I was waiting for something spicy as bonus ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

Anshika Gupta
20.06.2021, 15:36:04

this was soo good but you didn't tell us what actually happened between tim and rosa and why did travis hurt ava and dave

Monika Singh
20.06.2021, 15:52:25

Anshika Gupta, Read book named Husband

Porchia Velma Dodd
20.06.2021, 15:43:01

I love you book.. All the best for future endeavors.

Icy Cute
20.06.2021, 15:36:45

Thank u soo much author for this wonderful story.

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
20.06.2021, 14:34:41

wow such a wonderful love story again thank you author your one of the best author i know all the best keep safe ;)))

20.06.2021, 14:24:10

Author we need one more bonus chapter plzzzzzzz..with travis rosalyn and stella and may be one more on the way..:-p

20.06.2021, 14:19:18

it was a awesome journey... I read husband also which was absolutely amazing but I like this story more. although I knew the end from the beginning as mentioned in epilogy of husband, still it was a roller coaster ride with this story . only love can make a jerk into a wonderful husband. best wishes for your next project

Babita Padaruth
20.06.2021, 14:06:20

you are an amazing writer. thank you so much.

Edna Palomares
20.06.2021, 13:49:00

Oh what a haapy ending... congrats author and thank you..

Shaahin Tabassum
20.06.2021, 13:30:11

A wonderful story line. Travis's character is heart of story, I read half of book thrice with same excitement.

Surekha Madiwal
20.06.2021, 13:28:53

I hope I could read more... it's was nice...

20.06.2021, 13:23:08

good job author, keep it up

Sonu Raju
20.06.2021, 12:51:29

I realy injoy this book

Vaishali Tyagi
20.06.2021, 12:45:05

amazing story incredibly written

Mahamotha Khatun
20.06.2021, 12:35:23

I am so emotional now , wonderful ending love whole bit of it

Sujatha Pradeep
20.06.2021, 12:13:09

Excellent Book

Bandita Deka
20.06.2021, 12:12:26

can we get a bonus chapter of this beautiful book please!

excellent book, I enjoyed every chap of this book. well done author:)

Kiran Shrestha
20.06.2021, 12:06:27


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