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Publication: 14.04.2022 — 17.05.2022

Description of book "Howl"

Derek Hale x OC (First book of the series) Meet Stiles' twin sister, Riley, a girl whose whole world turns upside-down after meeting dead serious, mysterious Derek Hale. Suddenly, everything becomes freaky when she discovers a supernatural world she thought never existed. While evil lurked around every corner, she has to keep her friends and family safe, while also dealing with questions of her own: why could she feel a certain Sourwolf's emotions and feelings?


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Giovanna Nalwenge
05.05.2022, 20:42:41

thanks a lot for the regular updates. I love your story

Lisa Muller
05.05.2022, 21:37:03

Giovanna Nalwenge, My pleasure - thank you for reading!

Praise Kingsley
21.04.2022, 10:35:09

hi author lisa
is it a free book?

Lisa Muller
21.04.2022, 10:36:02

Praise Kingsley, This one will be free yes ;)

Madukaife Chidiogo
19.04.2022, 14:31:08

this chapter was so funny .u just made my day author waiting for next update thanks

Lisa Muller
19.04.2022, 14:57:53

Madukaife Chidiogo, I'm thrilled to hear that! ;)

Madukaife Chidiogo
17.04.2022, 21:30:45

just started reading and am already in love with it please update Author thanks

Lisa Muller
17.04.2022, 22:26:56

Madukaife Chidiogo, Thank you so much for reading! Next update will be on Tuesday

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