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Learning By Doing (the Humorous Glimps of Human Being)

The Fickle minded

Story about:humor, reality, errors and experiences

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Description of book "Learning By Doing (the Humorous Glimps of Human Being)"

Committing mistakes are inevitable in the daily encounters of our life. Errors can taught us and we learn from it. We err either funny or embarrassing but we became more aware. This book would like to take you to experiences that you might have met once in your life.
A make up stories? NO. They are stories collected real-time from people.
Laugh and learn from them.


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19.06.2020, 18:46:33

nice book

The Fickle minded
19.06.2020, 16:03:18

MAUNICE KATHURE, Hi,,, thank you for reading. I have some stories to share within this week that I have gathered from my friends and relatives. Thanks a lot and God bless. Keep safe. :)

04.05.2020, 11:38:13

Added to my library:)

The Fickle minded
05.05.2020, 09:23:32

Izzy, Hello Izzy,,,! thank you so much!. Thank you also for reading.

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