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Book. "Mafia Step Brothers" read online

Mafia Step Brothers

Bangtan Chinnu

Series: Mafia Step Brothers

Story about:kpopidols, mafiaprincess, btsff

18 140

#224 in New Adult & College
#71 in Crime fiction

On Hold: 30 May 2 pages

Publication: 14.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Mafia Step Brothers"

Hyuna and Hyun-Woo are twins. Your parents were killed by a car accident in front of you, when you both were 9yrs old. Your aunt, Miss Park became your guardian.

5 Years later~
Hyun-Woo: (whispering) What are 'they' doing here?
Miss Park: Babies, they are your soon-to be-brothers!
Hyun-Woo: YAY!!! (Jumping around happily)
Hyuna: Oh Boi! (Shaking head)
"What are you planning to do?"
"They took my silence as weakness but its the beginning of my revenge!" - Hyuna
??: You know right revenge gets you nowhere but digging your own grave!
"Uh huh! Since....Revenge sounds so mean, that's why I prefer to call it 'returning the favour' !" -Hyuna



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