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Description of book "My Love"

When Nora came into his life, Ryan got another chance to live. When they met again, he had a girlfriend & they became friends. Is there any chance that despite this they will develop feelings for each other? If yes, how can they accept their love & get together when he was already in relationship?
When they were stuck in this dilemma, suddenly their lives changed due to Ryan's past, that was even unknown to him. They faced many dangers & threats, but with the help of friends & family, they tried to overcome this crisis.
In that process they learned many secrets about each other & Nora also started to love him. Will they reach out for each other & admit their feelings? Or they will choose to remain only
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Dream of books
13.05.2021, 10:54:27

omg I never he is her dad I am totally shocked

The Scarlett
13.05.2021, 18:59:50

Dream of books, It was too unexpected, right? I'm happy that my plan worked here!
Have a nice day dear!

Dream of books
11.05.2021, 17:54:21

kk now I there any chance nick is trying on her I think in future but nooo please and update sion

The Scarlett
11.05.2021, 18:57:57

Dream of books, Haha...! Sure dear, I will.

Dream of books
10.05.2021, 22:22:13

update soon dear next chapter tomorrow eagerly waiting

The Scarlett
10.05.2021, 23:18:48

Dream of books, Sure dear! I'll update tomorrow!

Prncss Sophie
05.05.2021, 12:38:31

where is Leo?
I think he is behind this cause

Prncss Sophie
06.05.2021, 05:11:13

The Scarlett, :) ok

Dream of books
29.04.2021, 07:58:07

I think the girl who helped Ryan is Nora I think after she left Anna in between time and daw him I am thinking like that because you said the past will come again and disturb them you said right so I am thinking this

The Scarlett
29.04.2021, 08:26:05

Dream of books, Ohh dear...let's see if that happens..haha.
I hope you are enjoying this book. Stay in touch dear.
Have a nice day...!

The Scarlett
28.04.2021, 22:03:14

Hello guys, this is Scarlett, author of this book.
I request you all to like this story if you think it is interesting.
Please follow me guys....!
Have a good day.

25.04.2021, 20:14:50

it's good,, try to give 1 r 2 episodes daily

The Scarlett
25.04.2021, 21:13:38

Don't worry, I'll update daily one chapter dear..!
Thanks for your support, please follow me.
Good Night...^_^

Prncss Sophie
25.04.2021, 07:20:46

Nice story !!

The Scarlett
25.04.2021, 14:24:56

Prncss Sophie, Thank you so much dear!! xoxo

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