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My Short Story Compilation.


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Description of book "My Short Story Compilation."

A compilation of short stories I have written. Hope you enjoy!

*Extract from the complication:*

Seconds pass before he opens the door of a dark room he placed me in and forces me to call it my ' new home'.

"Come on, beauty. I hope you did not forget about our dance classes..." His deep voice resonates in my head, it causes shivers to coarse up and down my spine as goosebumps merge on my skin. I think it is safe to say that I fear this administrative man. But it is also something about his dominance that makes me feel something so foreign...

"Get into your feet, I'm sure you don't want me replaying what happened last night, do you?". His calm roar got the best of me and I another wave of goosebumps rush through me.

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Vijay Kerji
16.08.2020, 16:48:12

The vivid description of rain is appealing! I like your work and look froward to reading more!

16.08.2020, 19:02:08

Vijay Kerji, Thank you so, so much!! ?

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