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Book. "Mysterious Night Stand With A Pimp Turned Mogul " read online

Mysterious Night Stand With A Pimp Turned Mogul

John Rice

Story about:love, romance love, ceo

Age restriction: 18+

510 38393

#393 in Billionaires

Complete 144 pages

Publication: 06.09.2022 — 06.09.2022

Description of book "Mysterious Night Stand With A Pimp Turned Mogul "

Ida gave birth to a new born baby on the day of her wedding anniversary, but her happiness didn't last for long, cause the nurse informed her that her baby died.

Before she could break down in tears, her husband and her sister appeared and claimed they killed the child, what's worse, her husband told her the only sex she thinks they had was with another man and not him. He declared heartlessly to her that he had never loved her and that it was her sister that he loved.

On that same spot, he threw the divorce paper to her and forced her to sign.

Five years later, a cute little boy held onto her leg clingingly and was demanding her to be his mum, since she has less than twelve months left to live according to the doctor, she thought she could spend that time with this adorable kid.


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Osuagwu miracle Chidinma
19.02.2023, 14:43:26

please why did you pull down the books

Linda Fynn
22.09.2022, 15:43:07

nice book but the clarity must come to light how her baby was killed and how Harry and Beau had the same resemblance

enitan lawal
07.02.2023, 11:10:32

Linda Fynn, Right bcos there has to be a connection,

26.01.2023, 17:20:12

Author: I received notifications for two books but then it was erased. I was looking forward to your books. Where can we follow your books?. Thank you

kate isakova
17.12.2022, 20:15:36

beautiful, but very sad story

Gessenia Galindo
17.12.2022, 05:50:24

Book 2?

Felicia Adebiyi
07.11.2022, 21:08:24

good work. but does it have book 2

Aivly S
12.10.2022, 07:24:55

hello author where are the other books I can't find them in the library

Agatha Egbumokei
09.10.2022, 01:47:09

Author will there be a sequel to this book. I would have liked to know if Beau and Harry are twins born to Ida

Agatha Egbumokei
08.10.2022, 00:25:58

Is Amy also Ida. This story is very confusing hopefully it will make sense to me at the end

Manisha Prajapati
27.09.2022, 13:02:03

Hey where is your another book "Banished queen returns with octuplets " ?? I can't find it

Bol Bachen
23.09.2022, 03:57:00

wonderful bool, really loved this book very much, update soon second book

23.09.2022, 02:07:05

Interesting story,waiting for book 2

Hope Momoh
21.09.2022, 01:15:24

wow amazing story but the story need book 2 plzzzzz we need book 2

19.09.2022, 16:30:29

I really liked it but is there going to be a second part to story?

18.09.2022, 20:29:10

unique story.. you won't believe I readthis story in one single day . it was different what I have read earlier.. please do us a favour by clearing some doubts
please write the second part of this book

Maz Ahmed
17.09.2022, 21:41:34

I don't understand why didn't the author sort out the rein aspect of the story between Ben's and Janie. I thought they both were her Ida's kids. maybe a conspiracy theory I thought the ending was abit rushed.

Rachna Jagani
17.09.2022, 20:03:43

I love Ida

Jennifer Zeigler
13.09.2022, 23:01:41

It’s a beautiful story. I hope you add an epilogue to put closure on other characters

Debra Balloo John
11.09.2022, 04:01:01

it's really a nice book, but some how it's not complete,some parts of it don't have a closure.

Pen of light
10.09.2022, 14:49:04

can someone please help me understand why Ida has a few months to live?

Lucy Angel
10.09.2022, 08:33:38

Great book to read. I loved the story!!!!

Nakalule Betty Jesca
08.09.2022, 17:42:01

it is so nice but so many things are left pending I don't understand ☹️

Loulou Bloums
08.09.2022, 16:10:48

does this book will have a sequel ?
its great but some plots still open

08.09.2022, 11:36:05

Nice story....

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma
07.09.2022, 14:17:42

I was so happy reading this book yesterday.. thank you so much for waiting for book 2
you made my day much love

Daniels Elizabeth
07.09.2022, 11:19:59

what is the connection between harry and beau. i was hoping ben will find a cure for ida's sickness sinceso rich he can affordanything. nice story author

Bel Espada
07.09.2022, 10:37:32

I would have preferred a happier ending where Ida is not sick and will stay with them happily ever after but at least she's still alive.

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
06.09.2022, 23:26:03

Fastest book to be written and completed same day. Thanks

Brilliant Jack
06.09.2022, 20:20:03

that's a nice book and interesting and also when you are free pliz update the one about barren woman pliz and keep well and healthy love you

Daniels Elizabeth
06.09.2022, 19:36:08

interesting story. we are still waiting for the book 2 of baren woman gives birth to sixtuplets

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