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Book. "Mystery At The Stadium" read online
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#78 in Mystery
#37 in Suspense

Ongoing: 26 Mar 89 pages

Publication: 05.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Mystery At The Stadium"

Megha Dalal, a female badminton champion, has been pushed down to death from the balcony of an indoor stadium. A few minutes ago before her death, Megha had a brawl with her mixed double partner, Bhuvan Udupa. Her coach, Indranil Menon, is upset with Megha for refusing to romance him. Her Fiance, Deepak Arasu, is in love with his girlfriend and is not interested in Megha.

One of her close friends, Himnahsu Khanna is upset with Megha's father for detaining him because Himanshu did malpractice during the exams. Her female sports partner, Kamini Vatsa is also upset with Megha for losing the tournament matches to her and not winning titles. Megha's family driver, Suhas Katjiu is suspected of stealing her gold necklace.

Mayur interviews each of the suspects and other witnesses while he chases


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