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#110 in Paranormal Romance
#324 in Fantasy

Ongoing: 29 Apr 17 pages

Publication: 22.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "New Tunnel, Old Fangs"

Will Slaughter was a simple labourer who lived with his cousin Sam Shakespeare, living in an area of natural beauty within the stockbroker belt close to London. Over the past century, all the old farms had been bought by city gents who ran banks or negotiated big bucks deals, none of them got their hands dirty any more. The sons and grandsons of the labouring classes drifted away.
The Slaughters and Shakespeares were bright enough to leave for work or education, but were somehow compelled to remain.
Of the two cousins, only Will knew what kept him here. His grandfather father secretly appointed him Guardian before he passed, handing him the verbal legends committed to memory and the family bible that told his history, knowing that his day was due to dawn.


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