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Not so goldilocks and the three bears

simon 1982

Story about:
what if things went wrong for goldilocks


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Publication: 09.03.2020 — 10.04.2020

Description of book "Not so goldilocks and the three bears "

What I think is a possibility of what would happen if someone was to break into the three bears house

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Ryo Francis 25.06.2020, 07:37:12

(1). Wow — Goldie Hawn destroying the three bears' cottage :)
(2). In the end — poor goldie :(
(3). Love the short chapters & your book cover is so cute

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simon 1982 25.06.2020, 10:00:14

Ryo Francis, thank you so much the cover was done by Charity rue I think she did a great job

simon 1982 12.03.2020, 10:11:04

I take it that the story lived up to expectations thank you your comments have made me happy

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Ruechari 14.03.2020, 05:39:42

simon 1982, You're welcome.

Ruechari 12.03.2020, 04:13:13

So after all these years we finally learn the truth and boy is it grim.

Ruechari 12.03.2020, 04:11:10

"Guy" Oh no!

Ruechari 12.03.2020, 04:04:17

I love who her choice in alcohol is part of her decisions 3. LOL! I can't believe she flooded the house.

Ruechari 09.03.2020, 22:15:27

I'm glad you decided to write another Fairy Tale like Wolf and Pigs. I loved that story. Looking forward to what's to come.

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simon 1982 09.03.2020, 22:28:25

Thank you it really makes me happy to hear you say that I still can't get my head around how well wolf and pigs did or how much people seem to like it I have a lot of fun with theas stories and hope they make others happy

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