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Book. "Paramour " read online
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#109 in Romantic suspense
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On Hold: 23 Nov 78 pages

Publication: 17.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Paramour "

A romantic yet comic drama set in South Korea, Seoul.

Seo-Yoon was a poor, and yet feisty college student, with a foul tongue, who works hard to survive, with her best friend, the rich and prideful Mari Kim, who seemed to have her life figured out with her sugar daddies
Seo wasn’t that type of girl….dating someone who wasn't hers would make her life more bitter, or she thought
Until she set her gaze on Byeol Kim, the handsome, cultured, rich cosmetic surgeon. What else would you expect from an established doctor?
But never in her wildest dream did she imagine the man she would come to love, to be the Oppa of her best friend, who was supposedly married with kids?

Brace yourself for the misunderstanding of a century.

Follow Seo-Yoon as she dances btw desire and guilt.


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Joy Larisa
24.11.2022, 21:05:44

Ugh.... I can't understand Seo... how can she be so stupid to think Byeol is Mari's lover instead of brother... I mean both has the same last name Kim... dam and she had to break up with him... i cant understand her ... my poor heart

09.11.2022, 10:52:24

intresting book . looking forward for next update.

Clara Star
09.11.2022, 09:17:09

Piarawrites, Thanks

Muskan Prakash
06.11.2022, 12:49:26

You're story is magnificiently alluring. Keep up the good work

Muskan Prakash
06.11.2022, 13:55:15

Clara Star, welcome:)

Joshua Omani
03.11.2022, 21:00:10

amazing Author

Lynn Austria
03.11.2022, 05:22:12

Nice updates thank you ???

Clara Star
03.11.2022, 05:55:57

Lynn Austria, Thanks for stopping by

Mary Thornton
29.10.2022, 03:50:47

They are just to cute :)

Clara Star
29.10.2022, 08:10:50

Mary Thornton, Tnx love

Joy Larisa
22.10.2022, 17:51:21

finally Author... thanks for the update.
Seo's mouth need to be washed with soap, she is too rude for her own good, and seriously whats the deal with that Mari... she is so rude,

Raeesa Emery
18.10.2022, 11:53:18

Wonderful work, Clara. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

Clara Star
18.10.2022, 13:18:28

Raeesa Emery, Thank you girl

Joy Larisa
17.10.2022, 15:54:55

He he he he I can't believe this..... She is really foul mouthed. God I'm already liking this.... please update more

Clara Star
17.10.2022, 16:11:33

Joy Larisa, Thanks Joy

clara john
17.10.2022, 15:57:58

I love it book.... Good work Author

Clara Star
17.10.2022, 16:11:21

clara john, Thank you for the book

17.10.2022, 16:09:52

What a beautiful starting Author.... waiting for more

Clara Star
17.10.2022, 16:11:06

clnix, Thank you

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