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Description of book "Rising of the Dark King"

"The house is so beautiful granny. The forest makes it very beautiful" Amelia speaks up looking at the beautiful house beside a big forest.

"You need to follow three rules before living at his house" Her granny said.

"What are those granny?" Amelia asked

"1, never open your window or door at night.2 never step inside the forest.2 never even think to look at the mansion even in your wrost dream too" Her granny said.

"But why granny?" Amelia asked.

"Because a devil lives there. A dangerous beast. The dark king" Her granny replied.

Amelia smiled hearing this and spoke up,"Beast only lives in fairly tales granny"

Just then everything starts shaking. Everyone thought it was an earthquake but little they had known it was the dark king who was fuming in anger which makes the shaking.

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Ananya Jain 20.04.2021, 08:23:19

thank you so much dear author

Koyel Banerjee 20.04.2021, 07:30:32

Oooohhhhh I am satisfied.......Can't wait for the next chapter

Bianca Macedo 20.04.2021, 07:12:04

Please don’t put it down i just started this book and i already love the story so please continue! Don’t Give up

Koyel Banerjee 18.04.2021, 09:21:34

I am really looking forward to what the dark king will do to those two perverts once he woke up....
The story is too good,I love your work author...

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Khurshida Khushi 20.04.2021, 06:47:54

Koyel Banerjee, Thank you dear

ShirishSrinivas Velugala 19.04.2021, 16:06:31

story is very interesting plz update more chapters

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 20.04.2021, 04:32:07

ShirishSrinivas Velugala, I will try to update soon dear

Nirmiti 19.04.2021, 15:56:10

I love your story.

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 20.04.2021, 04:32:34

Nirmiti, :)

Rhia Gohil 19.04.2021, 16:28:08

dear author we love you and your writings and appreciate u so pls don't take it down pls we request you

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 20.04.2021, 04:31:36

Rhia Gohil, Thank you dear

Ananya Jain 19.04.2021, 16:58:38

plllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee uuppppdaaaateeee sssssssssoooooooooooooonnnnnnn dear author please I have liked it ... plllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee uuppppdaaaateeee sssssssssoooooooooooooonnnnnnn dear author

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 20.04.2021, 04:31:09

Ananya Jain, I will try to update soon dear

KOMAL TANWAR 19.04.2021, 16:28:40

Hey! Khurshida khushi, hope you're doing good thank you so much for updating and lots of love and blessings for your hardwork.

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 20.04.2021, 04:30:36

KOMAL TANWAR, Alhamdulillah. I am doing fine dear. Thanks for asking. Hope you are okay too.

Lucy Lu Nina 20.04.2021, 03:04:14

Omg what’s gonna happen, I’m so excited to find out!!!! Awesome work darling

Joeys mama 20.04.2021, 02:51:36

Hello this is an interesting story
How many time can one person hit the like button thoses readers who are silent should communicate by commenting or hitting the like button
Anyway I am happy you updated this story continue soon

Nasima Mulla 19.04.2021, 23:50:38

nice chapter, oh god want more.

Baby Bhatia 19.04.2021, 19:04:08

nice one

Baby Bhatia 19.04.2021, 18:49:27

nice and loveable

Nisha Maurya 19.04.2021, 18:12:27

love it please more update , can't wait for it

Manjusha M Nair 19.04.2021, 17:39:39

how can I like each chapter when I press like it's coming for all chapter automatically.. even for the book.. Anyway can't wait for another update

Barnali Mondal 19.04.2021, 17:37:19

Thanks for update....nice story

Shobha Cheluvaraj 19.04.2021, 16:14:56

Very nice update. update more.

OLATUNBOSUN GLORY 19.04.2021, 15:52:00

ahhhhh upload more pls

Sonam Sharma 19.04.2021, 13:46:00

Thanks for the update dear n pls don't think about to discontinue this story. I'll always support u. Waiting for more:-)

Kerstin Gordzielik 19.04.2021, 12:23:22

i love this story so much and will keep supporting it!!! your so talented in writing i became a big fan ^¬^
this chapter was beyond amayzing thank you so much for your decision TT

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 19.04.2021, 13:37:40

Kerstin Gordzielik, Thank you dear

Dream Soul 19.04.2021, 12:16:42

Author I tried to like ur story but it isn't happening what should I do

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 19.04.2021, 13:36:20

Dream Soul, Just enter any chapter of this book and press the star option dear.

Dezrene Gardner 19.04.2021, 13:22:50

see I told you not to mess with the werewolf mate see where it got you head chop off your friend also and your father voiceless

Dream Soul 19.04.2021, 11:29:39

Plz update fast author

AIMEN ALI 18.04.2021, 18:48:06

I really really loved your book author.
I liked it.
please keep updating.
thank you.

Nilima Bhave 18.04.2021, 15:51:16

Update more author

AIMEN ALI 18.04.2021, 14:45:50

I started this book today. And I'm liking it so far.
Please try mine also and give a like also

ShirishSrinivas Velugala 18.04.2021, 10:58:20

please don't do this

Koyel Banerjee 18.04.2021, 09:15:11

We are supporting you author please don't do this ......ppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee TT

Neeraj Pathak 18.04.2021, 09:07:27

awesome story.. can't wait for next chapter...

Lucy Lu Nina 17.04.2021, 09:58:19

Ooohh no, poor Amelia I hope Xavier saves her! Awesome work hon keep it up!

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 18.04.2021, 07:01:31

Lucy Lu Nina, Thank you so much dear

Kerstin Gordzielik 18.04.2021, 04:35:02

i really love this story so much TT

Pratiksha 17.04.2021, 13:01:48

please keep it free please dear

Dream Soul 17.04.2021, 12:46:06

We really like this novel plz keep it free

Dr-Hana Khalid 17.04.2021, 10:44:34

We are supporting your story dear please try to reconsider your decision

Shinybella 17.04.2021, 10:06:37

pls don't do this. pls some of are seriously following and supporting u. so, pls think of reconsidering it for our sake ( with tears and pain in heart )

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The last comment in the thread:

Shinybella 17.04.2021, 10:41:23

anbasta, me too ='-)

Nisha 17.04.2021, 10:34:07

PLZ keep it free. l Really Really like this Story for my whole heart

Ramya Kumar 17.04.2021, 10:21:59

plz don't do this...... the story is awesome..... plz everyone support her

Butterfly Queen 17.04.2021, 09:59:22

Hey my favourite author. please don't put down the book. We will support you. I know you work hard for this book and you deserve our support. please just give us a last chance. We readers will support you. Guys, let's support our writer

Dezrene Gardner 16.04.2021, 15:53:27

lol like really Jenison? think again asshole I cannot wait for the dark one to tear you apart

The last comment in the thread:

AlphaWolf 17.04.2021, 09:56:06

Dezrene Gardner, I cannot either

Ananya Jain 17.04.2021, 09:32:37

I will support you dear author but please keep it free... plllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee

Ananya Jain 16.04.2021, 15:08:04

lovely Amelia...can I have Jenny as my friend???

Kerstin Gordzielik 16.04.2021, 12:45:59

tomorrow will be a big day i hope the dark king will warn her about the medicine somehow TT

Kerstin Gordzielik 16.04.2021, 03:14:40

read all available chapters today and the story is super interesting!!! I especially like the fact how the dark king keeps an eye on her and hears everything *.* Can't wait when she finally sees him~~~ thank you so much for creating such an amazing story ^¬^

Ramya Kumar 15.04.2021, 11:26:21

awesome & interesting story....... loved it waiting for update

Nahid Sheikh 14.04.2021, 22:58:29

Amelia is fierce. Love how she taught lesson to that stupid jenisson nd his father.

Dezrene Gardner 14.04.2021, 20:28:46

cannot wait for them to win her over lol as if they can

Hmmm 14.04.2021, 20:20:49

Comment has been deleted

Ayesha Ajmal 14.04.2021, 16:19:50

I really love how Xavier protect amalia

Ayesha Ajmal 14.04.2021, 15:58:27

awesome .....I feel bad for Xavier ....these people forcely make him The Dark King

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