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Satisfaction with My Alpha


Story about:werewolf, paranomal, omegaverse

Age restriction: 18+

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#359 in Paranormal Romance
#359 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 25 Mar 33 pages

Publication: 19.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Satisfaction with My Alpha"

In a world reign by multiple species whose peace has been established for a decade lies a threat they have no idea where and how it appeared. In the time where each empire has to fight as one to cease the threat that could possibly end the world, they live in, comes with the unexpected villain they could never imagine. What will be their salvation? Will there be a hero who will help them?
What if they got shattered by an unexpected event that ended the peace and fought each other which leads to their downfall?
Will there be a hero?

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Anivid Ecarg Azneita Odranreb
25.03.2021, 20:00:48

Still waiting for the continuation of this story! Good job tobthe author!

26.03.2021, 02:09:40

Anivid Ecarg Azneita Odranreb, thank you so much

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