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Book. "Secret of Love " read online

Secret of Love

I hate love

Story about:love, mafia, innocentgirl

Age restriction: 18+

542 21432

#122 in Romantic suspense
#226 in Romantic erotica

Complete 51 pages

Publication: 13.09.2022 — 04.11.2022

Description of book "Secret of Love "

"Ved,you will come to me in future right?"
"yes hani , i will and not only that but i will marry you in future okay? Now be a good girl and don't cry, didn't I promise you?"
"goodbye ved"
"goodbye Vani,take care of yourself okay??"
They were childhood sweetheart but due to some things the became separated. What will happen when God bring them together again but things will not be same and simple like before.
let's see the journey of suhani and vedant...

There will be many mature scene or should I say extra mature , so read at your own risk

This is my first story.. please read it ❤️❤️❤️


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Mamta Pradhan
17.12.2022, 18:31:00

this love story is too good...I loved it very much.Specially the hero of this story Vedant...his personality was just like a dream boy.. and the sweetest girl suhani.... she's so cute and innocent girl..I love this...

Preety Yadav
02.11.2022, 19:09:30

really appreciable work dear author but please do update soon can't wait

Cindy Love
27.10.2022, 18:06:21

nice story pls update fast

Lovelyz Cute
14.10.2022, 19:36:02

The main names are quite familiar to me.. It brings me memories and flashbacks... The story is interesting and quite funny.... Hoping to read more.

Lovelyz Cute
14.10.2022, 22:44:47

I hate love, Welcome author ❤️

Isha Tahir
09.10.2022, 13:33:55

Love it

Isha Tahir
09.10.2022, 16:43:02


Isha Tahir
09.10.2022, 13:33:52

Really nice plot

Ivory Smart
24.09.2022, 00:01:42

nice plot eager to read more

Dhara Lahari
25.09.2022, 20:32:50

hi author ,nice chaper ..but to short.plz make it little lengthy and waiting for next chapter egurly

Dhara Lahari
13.09.2022, 12:18:36

waiting for next updates ..story plot is interesting

I hate love
27.09.2022, 08:59:43

Dhara Lahari, thank you dear

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