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Shattered Pieces

Ritika Gupta

Story about:forcedmarriage, forcedlove

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#23 in Romantic mystery
#676 in Romance

Ongoing: 13 Jun 21 pages

Publication: 18.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Shattered Pieces"

"Leave me." I said trying to remove my hand from his grip. But instead of leaving he hold it tighter and pulled me towards him.
"Why was that guy touching u?!" He shouted. I shout back "Atleast his hold is better than urs." And the next moment I felt a pain on my cheek. He slapped me.
He made me looked towards him."Never ever dare to disobey me. U ARE MINE." He said as he poured a bucket of holy water on me.
"Now the dirt is gone from u." I fell on the floor and looked at him and said "I am not urs. I am ur wife not ur property." I said and he bend down and replied "ur my wife that's why I don't say or do anything to u." He went outside saying this.

This is the story of a forced marriage of Samaira Gupta with the ruthless Alessandro O'Sullivan. Read more to find out about their story.


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Dream Soul
13.06.2021, 09:56:12


Ritika Gupta
13.06.2021, 11:35:57

Dream Soul, Thank you so much love

Dream Soul
09.06.2021, 09:20:07

I have liked this story.. update more author

Dream Soul
07.06.2021, 06:49:57

Update more author

Nasima Mulla
06.06.2021, 22:06:08

it was shot update but fine atleast I got an update to read. :)

Dream Soul
05.06.2021, 15:19:10

Intreasting just plz don't stop writing this novel in middle

Nasima Mulla
01.06.2021, 21:31:40

nice going. keep up the good work. :)

Deepika Agarwal
31.05.2021, 19:41:12

Ritika you can't be serious yarr
Madhuri as in character of their mother.
And please Leonardo is my crush. :(

Anyways all good carry on. ♡

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