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Tale As Old As Time


Story about:lgbt fairy tale, demon lord, demon and human romance

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Publication: 10.02.2021 — 07.05.2021

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Description of book "Tale As Old As Time"

The forest within the quiet village of Gashea is a dangerous place.

Within the trees lies something dark, cursed, and wicked.

For centuries, a demon with malevolent power terrorizes the villagers of the small valley home. He had brought droughts, disease, and famine. To ensure that he will keep his powers at bay, the village of Gashea offers a bride to the demon every night. And by dawn, without fail, they would see the corpse of the offered brides floating along their bright shining river.

With the next choosing fast approaching, the head villagers made a shocking decision.

They had chosen Fyn. A man.

When Fyn starts to slowly fall in love with the demon within the forest, secrets of the past unravel. The truth makes them wonder whether it’s the right monster Gashea fears.


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Preet Hanjra
16.12.2021, 10:43:08

A very intresting and uniqe story .I really really like this story . Thnk u so much for sharing with us.

Ntombikayise Mpolongwana
15.05.2021, 00:03:41

Beautiful story

15.05.2021, 14:10:14

Ntombikayise Mpolongwana, Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Juniper Skies
07.05.2021, 02:33:28

Ooohhhh new cover change! I like it!!

07.05.2021, 20:08:46

Juniper Skies, I'm glad you like it!

Istoria Xander
01.03.2021, 14:17:59

There are a few obvious plot holes and some grammar issues but there are also some very interesting ideas in this story and I like the fairytale take. Plus, this site sure needs more LGBT representation (I'm straight myself but sometimes write LGBT characters and couldn't help but notice that the LGBT section on Booknet is woefully small). It's not entirely my cup of key but I think it deserves some reads so I'll keep checking this story out. Best of luck! :)
(Oh, and, by the way, I noticed you updated your cover. I agree that this one works better.)

Istoria Xander
01.03.2021, 15:22:19

Li SJ, Don't worry, I wasn't judging super-harshly. I'm not a native English speaker, either, and the general level on Booknet is pretty low language-wise - yours is better than that of many. :)
In terms of plot holes - I just remember thinking at the beginning "A corpse every day?! Surely not! This is not sustainable! It's a small village and even a large town would run out of people to sacrifice too quickly." :D
And, yes, you are absolutely write about LGBT fairytales. :)

Noleen Thomas
25.04.2021, 17:03:54

I'm enjoying this book so much , please don't stop writing

25.04.2021, 18:08:35

Noleen Thomas, Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! :D

Bella thorn
22.04.2021, 20:24:41

it's a masterpiece

23.04.2021, 13:59:49

Bhagya yelleti, Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Juniper Skies
12.03.2021, 03:14:26

Can't wait for more!!! Love the cute love between them and the fairytale forest with the turnips ?

12.03.2021, 14:01:21

Juniper Skies, Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. I wanted to add as many fairytale and magical aspects without having to use common ones (like fairies, unicorns, etc.) While I was searching for magical creatures, I saw the postcard with turnip faces and thus the Næps were born. :D

rubiya sulthana
18.02.2021, 17:15:27

wat happened next????

18.02.2021, 21:12:46

rubiya sulthana, Thank you for reading! I will update it in the upcoming week. :)

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