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Book. "Tangled Hearts" read online
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#6245 in Romance
#743 in Young adult

On Hold: 11 Apr 74 pages

Publication: 03.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Tangled Hearts"

Sejun, Hayoung, and Hana are childhood friends who dream of entering the fashion industry and be successful at it. They promised each other that after 10 years they will come back successful. But because of some circumstances, Hana did not fulfill her promise. After 10 years, while walking towards his brother's daycare a luxurious car stops and try to kidnap her and It turned out that her Kidnaper was actually her childhood friends Hayoung and Sejun who return to their province to help her fulfill her dream and promise. Though Happy for their reunion she felt distant because of how successful her friends are with Hayoung as an international Hot Model and Sejun as the Top Genius Designer. Will, she had the chance to fulfill her promise and be the most famous photographer?


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