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The Alpha Prince's Precious Mate

Anne T Thyssen

Story about:mates, werewolves, fightingforlove

Age restriction: 18+

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#18 in Paranormal Romance
#8 in Supernaturals

Ongoing: 24 May 91 pages

Publication: 11.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "The Alpha Prince's Precious Mate"

A war has come, and Raya's father stands against a powerful alpha king, who wants to crush everyone who opposes him. Her father and the other alphas in the area now want to support the prince, the younger brother to King Silas, but the prince always keeps to himself, and no one knows if they can trust him. Raya is not supposed to get close to him, but what happens when one day she does? Curiosity really is a dangerous thing.
Kay knows his brother isn't in the right mind. He hasn't been for long, but the crown was never much of an interest to him. He likes to run his own show and not bother with politics or the other alphas. Now, he doesn't have a choice. There has been too much death. Too much blood ... and now? Maybe a bit of love. Raya was always meant to be his, but will others agree?


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Mary Thornton
18.05.2022, 18:20:41

Interesting how Raya understands and supports Callie a human and Brendon mating, but is indifferent, disrespectful and resistant to her mate, Alpha Kay ???

Anne T Thyssen
19.05.2022, 08:34:26

Mary Thornton, yay!!

R Davis
16.05.2022, 18:49:57

Something tells me that Raya has a very important mission to fulfill
Am I right?

Anne T Thyssen
16.05.2022, 21:22:09

R Davis, not just her ;)

Marta Cruz
11.04.2022, 17:34:46


Anne T Thyssen
13.04.2022, 17:39:05

Marta Cruz, I will update tomorrow with two more chapters!

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