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Description of book "The One in The Alps"

All roads lead to Alps. That’s what Simona’s dream told her since she was a kid. Every night, she dreamt of the majestic mountains as if she was the main lead of a Yash Raj movie. But her reality was far, far away from the dream - A job she loathed, a non-existent love life and lack of motivation to live her life to the fullest forced her to accept the current reality. That dreams don’t come true!
All she desired was an adventure.
Was that too much to ask?
When Universe winked at her desire, she got fired from the job with no plans of the future. She finally musters up the courage to act on her dream and go to the Alps.
Will the trip be an adventure that fills her soul? Does she have power to alter her reality? Is fate really written in the stars? only the trip and time would answer that.

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Meow moew 25.11.2020, 18:00:15

Lovely start. Already intruiged.

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