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the promise

gorgeous geetanjali

Story about:
past life, rape attempt, obsession


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Publication: 04.07.2020 — 06.08.2020

Description of book "the promise"

"I was there when you told him'you are not his'.My body wasn't responding after seeing your condition but i heard you words."
"You were ?"
"I am sorry love.I am really sorry.Sorry for I wasn't there when you needed me most.Sorry for I wasn't there when your parents blamed you for the situation.Sorry for I wasn't there when every one was looking at you like your the one who was responsible for all this."
"Thank you!"
"For what ?"
"Thanks for giving me strength to have fight with him,Thanks for loving me when my own parents abandoned me.Thanks for keeping those roses every day in vase with message.Thanks for staying outside my room for whole nights.Thanks for building your self with new strength so you can give me support.Thanks!"
How can she thanks me?
"I love you !"
"I love you too !"

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Manshi Singh 20.07.2020, 20:37:01

I love your writing...infact I love writing according to me writing can heal us...and yaa in ur creation THE PROMISE....I loved it

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gorgeous geetanjali 20.07.2020, 21:42:44

Manshi Singh, Thanks love.
It does help us a lot.
Stay tuned, more chapters are coming soon.

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