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Publication: 04.07.2020 — 06.08.2020

Description of book "the promise"

After attending an interview with his wife,advait knew his wife had not moved on from her past. Somewhere she was still dragging the incident to the present with the thought advait would leave her like her parents. Advait tries everything but she stays firm with her decision about not telling him.He leaves notes and letters for her to know about her past but she ignores them clearly.On the proposed night, mansi tells him geetanjali was not the one who started the story as he was the one. He tries hard to understand her words but he fails miserably. With the hint, advait starts to write about his love story. How he fell in love with her. He describes all the moments which made him to fell in love with her and gives them to geetanjali decide to tell him about her past in form of tapes.


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06.05.2021, 22:40:24

Hi. Love the summary. I like it that you explain it so beautiful. I'm new in this website would love to grow some audience plus support my fellow Authors. Let's Follow each other. ?

gorgeous geetanjali
12.04.2021, 15:39:54

Thanks love.
Do check my other books too and if you are in love with poems then you can do check my youtube channel, 'geetanjali dhoke'. I update poems on daily basis.

Manshi Singh
20.07.2020, 20:37:01

I love your writing...infact I love writing according to me writing can heal us...and yaa in ur creation THE PROMISE....I loved it

gorgeous geetanjali
20.07.2020, 21:42:44

Manshi Singh, Thanks love.
It does help us a lot.
Stay tuned, more chapters are coming soon.

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