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Book. "The Sinking Love (plane 50)" read online

The Sinking Love (plane 50)

A story for everyone

Series: Life

Story about:love, seperation, ocean

11 114

#39 in Romantic suspense
#321 in Romance

Complete 30 pages

Publication: 14.05.2023 — 25.05.2023

Description of book "The Sinking Love (plane 50)"

The unity of people is a concept of that has been loss for generation. Many people throughout history has grown divided creating rivalries. The constant rivalries led to complete all out wars leading to the loss of innocent lives. In order to heal these deep scars people must learn to come together and build bonds that last for generations. The same must be said for the two families the Molens and the Onshus for many years these two families have been enemies leading to the deaths of many members. However for the first time two members have chosen to walk out of the smoke and come together as one. Only time will tell if it is strong enough to bring about a new age of togetherness.


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